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Apr. 7th, 2012



Selling Deflower and Lar~Mia cassettes!

Hi guys! These cassettes need new homes. I am also selling an Undercode cassette tape too:

Lar~Mia cassette demo tape 誘蛾灯/yuugatou [Key Party] - only 3,000 printed!
Deflower/Noir Fleurir cassette demo tape 死セル華/Shin Seru Hana
Radifia cassette demo tape 華達の狂奏/hanatachi no kyousou [Under Code] [Vidoll]

I also am having a $2 Jrock Box sale here. In a few days I'm going to be posting Himuro, RC Succession, and BOOWY cassette tapes. Thanks for looking!

Apr. 16th, 2011

Tron - Rinzler - There in the distance


Selling: 1999.5.30 Hold Your Key tape + Kyoka and Teru Like An Edison comment video

click here!Collapse )

Jul. 13th, 2010



I updated my selling post with more Keyparty related VHS tapes!

Have a look
click here

Jul. 10th, 2010



[DS] GIANT Jrock/Visual Kei CD & Merch Sale! (Era: 1993~2008)

[EDIT]: I've fixed the link to the sales post!  Now you don't have to use Facebook. :D;

I come bearing goodies for sale: tons of KEY PARTY and ex-KEY PARTY bands' CDs and merchandise, as well as items from many other bands! I'm even selling off my La porte du prophete fan club magazine collection (the official KEY PARTY fan club!).

Help your lazyass mod make an important trip! <3

<< GIANT Jrock/Visual Kei CD & Merch Sale!  (Era: 1993~2008)

• Aliene Ma'riage
• bis
• Chaos System
• D
• D'espairsRay
• Deflina Ma'riage
• Duel Jewel
• Eliphas Levi
• Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A
• Inugami Circus-dan
• Kabukicho Knight
• Kagerou
• KEY PARTY (Record Label)
• Milphinne
• Nega
• NeiL
• NOi'X
• Noir fleurir
• Phylia
• Plastic Tree
• Schwarz Stein
• Sugar
• Syndrome
• Vinett

• Yukihiro Fujimura (Chachamaru)

• Cure Magazine (JP Ver.)
• ROCK ON J Magazine
• SHOXX Magazine


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Mar. 30th, 2010


reasons for Keyparty closing down

Hey guys.
Ive always been a major fan of the keyparty label. however, i just have been wondering, why exactly did Keyparty close down? What happened?

I notice from the band's VHS tapes that pre 2000, they were really extravagant in production and performance, no matter the band! then i watched Aliene Mariage's last live, and Noir Fleurir's last live. And there is a HUGE difference in quality. There are no major venues, no elaborate costumes, and as lack of high quality production. Its like the tapes were recorded by a family member. So around 2001, something mustve happened to justify the lowering of quality. Did the company go bankrupt/lose money or what?

thanks guys :)

Mar. 17th, 2010


[sales post]

Hey guys,
Im selling quite a few keyparty related VHS tapes.

Aliene Ma'riage
- しもべビデオ (really rare pv for shimobe)
- 舞踏会の絵ビデオ (misc clips)
- LAST LIVE ビデオ rare

- Keyparty 1999 THE END OF CENTURY
- HOLD YOUR KEY~MOVIE 1999.05.30

Noir fleurir
おもちゃのミーシャ vhs (pvs)
Celebration vhs really rare (live)

Missalina rei
Minerva ビデオ(pvs)

click here

Feb. 24th, 2010



A somewhat weird request...

I know this community is kinda... dead... But I'm trying anyway...

My friends and I are planning to cosplay Aliene Ma'riage, but we don't really have much referance pictures of the costumes we want to do...
We looked quickly in Jrock_scans' directory, but if the links weren't dead, it wasn't the costumes we wanted...
We also have a video showing those costumes, but more pictures would help, seriously...
So I'm talking about those costumes :

Pictures under the cut~Collapse )

Any pictures with those costumes will help pretty much !!
Thanks in advance !

Oct. 3rd, 2009

Die Asta


Anyone want to share lyrics?

Hello there!

I lost all of my saved lyrics of Key Party band songs and was hoping some of you will be happy to share yours (text or CD booklet scans). I am looking for lyrics in the original Japanese of the following bands:
-Aliene Ma'riage
-Noir Fleurir
-Missalina Rei (especially Kagerou hime/XX hime)
-Eliphas Levi
-NOi'X (especially the CROiX album!)

Thank you.

Apr. 19th, 2009


New group Solmaparty!

Hello everyone,
I have come to promote my group solmaparty, my own personal community for the sharing and info on strictly older visual kei artists, including Key Party bands. I have just very, very recently made it and would like for more people to join. Music posts are friends only, so you will have to join to see. ^^


Apr. 8th, 2007

Idol; Richard &lt;3



Key Party items for sale at garaged!!!

Please check it out!


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